LOVE BY LOLA is right now one of the newest, hottest beachwear brand from Sweden that in a few months got from a piece of fabric to a brand worn by Swedish and even worldwide celebrities. The brand has also received much attention for what it stands for, the value of sisterhood and that there’s a 26-year-old young woman behind the company with zero experience in the fashion industry before LOLA.

“With none experience from the Fashion Industry, it’s a dream to be able to design for my own clothing line and develop a collection that I want to wear myself. I do all the fittings on myself and I have definitely not what you would call a “model body”. I never follow trends and am constantly working on making a perfect combination of looking outstanding and feeling comfortable and make it a “wow-effect”. It’s all about the whole package.” – Yessica Thor, founder.

LOVE BY LOLA´s collection MEET LOLA introduced a feminine style that puts the female form in focus. With timeless colors, a recognizeable unique white lace, feminine design and high quality MEET LOLA exudes elegance and a dose of a goddess look.

”LOLA has never been just about the products.
It’s as much about the women who makes them and wears them. Beachwear is nowadays more than just clothes on the beach. It also shows how women view themselves and we are very keen to encourage assertive, confident women who want to stand out with a unique, feminime expression with an awesome fit.”

LOVE BY LOLA’s catchwords; quality, design and innovation, penetrates the entire organization and today the LOLA’s are produced in the Baltics in prime Italian fabric made of Lycra and Polyester.
The brand has now chosen not to identify through a real female model to take responsibility and refrain from body ideals.  Today all collections will be shown through their “LOLA-doll”.
LOVE BY LOLA believes in sustainability and long-term relationships towards their suppliers as well as their customers.

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