How Often Between Bikini Wax?

After your first wax, we suggest you wax every three to four weeks. Then go home and throw your razors away, because you’ll never want to shave again!
– The prep. The area will be cleansed and powder or oil will be applied to your skin. – The process. Wearing gloves, the technician will apply warm wax on the hair with an applicator. – The cleanup. Because soft wax shouldn’t be applied over skin more than once, any stray hairs missed by the wax will be cleaned up with tweezers. – The post care.

What men should expect during a bikini wax?

A bikini wax removes hair that extends outside of the panty line or crease of thigh. If you’d like your bikini wax modified, you’re in luck! With a modified bikini wax a thin strip of hair will be left down the middle of the bikini area. A Brazilian bikini wax removes all hair, including the backside.

What are the different bikini wax styles?

  • Bikini Wax. This is a basic bikini wax: a ‘tidy up’ that removes hair that would be seen while you are wearing a bikini or swimsuit –from the upper thighs,
  • Brazilian Wax. The Brazilian is the perfect style to go with a thong bikini,as no hair is visible.
  • Hollywood Wax.
  • Beauty By Ruth – The Covid Safe Liverpool Beauty Salon.

What to avoid after a Brazilian bikini wax?

  • Exfoliate Before Your Waxing Treatment.
  • Stay Away from Direct Sunlight.
  • Let Your Skin Breathe.
  • Avoid Soaking and Steam Treatments.
  • Try a Bikini Facial.
  • Moisturize,Moisturize,Moisturize.
  • Don’t Exfoliate Too Soon After Waxing.
  • Shop Our Favorite Post-Waxing Products.

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