How To Avoid Rash After Shaving Bikini Line?

7 ways to avoid shaving rash on legs and bikini area

  1. Don’t leave your razor in the shower.
  2. First exfoliate and wash; shave last.
  3. Rinse warm, then rinse cold.
  4. Use a guy’s razor.
  5. Change your razor often.
  6. Try coconut oil.
  7. Cotton underwear.
  8. Ladies, a razor designed to fight razor bumps!

Do you get a bikini rash when you shave?

The hair is generally thicker and when it bends it may affect those with more sensitive skin or who shave often. Shaving is uncomfortable enough as is, no one wants to get rid of the hair only to trade it in for other problems. Still, are you stuck with a bikini rash every time you shave? No way.

Why is it called bikini line rash?

It is called bikini line rash because of where it occurs – on your bikini line. It’s more common due to the thicker hair and sensitive skin within this area, however, it’s no different from other forms of shaving rash, other than where it is on your body. Bikini line rash can be treated in the same way as other shaving rashes.

What causes a shaving rash on legs?

Shaving rash legs is common, and applying too much pressure when shaving is often how a shaving rash is caused. However, in more sensitive areas like the bikini line or your underarms, it’s important not to shave against the grain as the sensitive skin can get irritated and lead to ingrown hairs as well as make it harder to avoid razor burn.

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How do you get rid of a rash from shaving?

Rinse your blade thoroughly between strokes to remove build-up, which can cause unnecessary friction that leads to razor rash. We often blame razor rash on the razor. Sometimes it’s not the razor, but the products you’re using to shave, such as your shave gel or cream, that cause an actual rash.

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