How To Become A Pro Bikini Competitor Wnbf?

To compete in the WNBF World Championships, you need to compete in any WNBF Pro show in the year of the Worlds you are hoping to compete. You will also be qualified if you have placed top three at the previous year Worlds or won an Overall Pro title any time in the WNBF.
In order for ANY competitor to be eligible to compete for their WNBF Pro Card you must sit and pass a polygraph test 1-2 days prior to the show in which the Elite Division is offered. This applies to any Amateur or Elite Athlete. If you receive your WNBF Pro Card you will be required to submit a urine analysis.

How do I get a natural pro card?

To win a pro card you must beat at least 5 athletes which can include other classes in your division, as well as win the overall if their is more than one class in your division. You must also have passed the polygraph and pass the urine test.

Is WNBF Natural?

The oldest, most respected, and stringently tested Truly Natural drug free bodybuilding and physique organizations since 1989!

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What is an IFBB pro card?

Gaining your IFBB (International Federation of BodyBuilders) Pro Card means you are part of the elite. At this point you’ve made it, and have the opportunity to follow a genuine career as a professional bodybuilder, earning a decent income by competing and winning.

What does Wnbf stand for?


Acronym Definition
WNBF World Natural Bodybuilding Federation
WNBF West Nile Bank Front (African terrorist group)
WNBF World Nibuikai Budo Federation (World Head of Families Sokeship Council)

How do you compete in a natural bodybuilding competition?

The key requisites for competing as a natural bodybuilder and doing well are as follows:

  1. Learn The 4 Relaxed Poses.
  2. Learn The 8 Compulsory Poses.
  3. Train To Be As Strong As You Can Be.
  4. Become As Fit Aerobically As You Can Be.
  5. Become Flexible.
  6. Recovery And Rest.
  7. Purchasing Contest Necessities.

What is the biggest natural bodybuilding competition?

Founded in 1989, the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation (WNBF) is the largest Pro Level natural bodybuilding federation in the World, and has become the premier choice for all natural competitors choosing to reach the ultimate goal of becoming a World Natural Champion.

Is Mr Olympia natural?

The Natural Olympia is the Natural Bodybuilding equivalent to the Mr. Olympia in the IFBB Pro league. It is the pinnacle of the year for the best natural bodybuilders on the planet.

Is IFBB natural bodybuilding?

However, for some purists, the stigma on IFBB pros is that they aren’t natural bodybuilders. There is a large contingent of individuals who believe that if you aren’t natural then you’re a cheat. That may not be true, but taking anabolic substances does certainly give an individual a leg up.

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Can I get big naturally?

Some people say that with enough hard work, patience, and food, you can get as big and strong as you want. That there are no hard limits to your potential for whole-body muscle gain. We can only gain so much muscle naturally, and no amount of training, eating, or supplementing will raise that ceiling.

How do you qualify for IFBB Pro card?

In order to become an IFBB Pro, a bodybuilder must first earn their IFBB Pro Card. A bodybuilder looking to do this must first win a regional contest weight class. When a bodybuilder wins or places highly, they earn an invite to compete at their country’s National Championships contest for that year.

Does IFBB test for steroids?

It would be impractical and virtually impossible for the IFBB to stamp out steroids from bodybuilding. But the IFBB can help prevent their abuse by changing the criteria their judges use to pick winners.

How much do IFBB pros get paid?

Pay generally ranges from $10 to $100 per hour, depending on the group paying you.

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