How To Choose Bikini Bottom Size?

To measure yourself for swimsuit bottoms, simply wrap the tape around the widest part of your hips, which should be roughly 8 inches below your waist, and write down the number. That’s it!
2. Bikini top size is determined with the same size system as the bikini bottom, just by adding your bust measurement in addition to waist and hips measurements. Size example: Bikini Bottom: 8/M, Top Size: 8/M (if you can pick bottom size and top size separately) or Bikini Size: 8/M (if sized as a set).

How do I choose the best bikinis?

Try on mix and match bikinis. Many retailers offer consumers the option to personalize their bikinis. This will allow you to choose a top and bottom that you are comfortable wearing and fit you best. Mixing and matching is especially helpful if you need a different size for the top and bottom.

What do the numbers on a bikini top mean?

Bikini Top Sizing of bikini tops generally follows the same system observed in bra sizes. Size labels are made up of a combination of numbers and letters which corresponds to a particular cup size and underbust measurement, respectively. For example, you’re probably familiar with bra sizes like 32B and 36C.

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