How To Get The Sock In Spongebob Battle For Bikini Bottom In The Sand Castle Xbox?

Get to the top of the ramp, then turn around and jump along the line of Floating Tikis. These will take you to a sandy walkway along the wall. Head down it, defeat the Fodder, Chomp and Monsoon Robots and then grab this Sock at the very end!
The first Lost Sock can be found in the Ski Lodge area. Head down the wooden steps from the start of the level, then make a U-turn to the right to find a small frozen pond. Smack the Sandman and this Sock will appear nearby.

How do you get Mermalair Patrick socks?

After defeating the Arf Robot, you’ll be on a platform with a Paddlewheel you can hit with the Bubble Bowl move. Hit the left-hand side of the Paddlewheel so that the walkway spins as far right as possible. From here, grab onto the Bungee Hook to spring down into the reactor to get the Lost Sock!

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Where are Patricks socks in Mermalair?

All Patrick’s Socks in Mermalair

Area Location Description
Mermalair Security Tunnel Get to the end of this area and pay 2,300 shiny objects to the clam. Cross the path of conveyor belts to reach the sock
Rolling Ball Area Find the teetering wooden platform. At the end, there’s a sock over the edge above a Tiki

Is there a sock in Sandy’s tree dome?

Return to the central plaza and look left down the street towards Sand Mountain. To your right will be a fountain next to the Shady Shoals Rest Home: whack the fountain to cause Lost Sock #5 to appear above the statue. That’s everything outside, so head across the street and enter Sandy’s Tree-Dome!

How do you get the golden spatula on Sand Mountain?

To get the seventh Golden Spatula, you need to get to the bottom of Sand Mountain, then defeat the Robots and the D1000s at the bottom on the frozen lake. Hit the two buttons guarded by the D1000s and a sandball will destroy the nearby fence, allowing you to get this Spatula!

Where can I find Patrick’s socks?

This Lost Sock is simple to get also also very easy to miss! Once outside of SpongeBob’s Pineapple, head right down the street and talk to Patrick outside of his house. He’ll explain what Lost Socks are for and give you a Lost Sock. Pick it up once the conversation ends.

How do you put up a Mermalair wall?

Talk to the Mermalair Computer to learn that you need to press all four Override Buttons. Those are the square-shaped buttons: by this point you should have pressed one already near Barnacle Boy. To your right is Override Button #1, which you can hit with a Bubble-Bowl.

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Where is the last spatula in Mermalair?

Golden Spatula #8: Defeat Prawn

The eighth and final Spatula in the Mermalair is awarded for defeating Prawn in the Villain Containment Area.

Where are all the socks in rock bottom?

0:21 – socks 2/9 (on museum floor) 0:33 – socks 3,4/9 (Museum top level) Below the laser) 2:17 – socks 8/9 (After trench of advance darkness, Go doen the slide on the right side. Exit the slide midway to get the socks.) 2:49 – socks 9/9 (After the Slide end, go straight.

How do I get to the villain containment area?

If you want to get there quickly, pause the game and select Bikini Bottom, then scroll right to Golden Spatula #5 and select it to warp to that area! Talk to Mr. Krabs in the central plaza of Upper Conch Street and pay him 15,000 Shiny Objects if you can to get Mr.

How do you use cruise bubbles?

When you talk to Bubble Buddy, he’ll introduce you to the Cruise Bubble and tell you how to use it. You simply press the button he shows you (LT/L2) and you’ll take control of a Bubble Rocket. Aim the Bubble Rocket towards your goals and it will burst into a soapy explosion.

How do you get 5 golden spatulas?

Bikini Bottom Golden Spatulas

  1. Golden Spatula #2: On Top of the Pineapple.
  2. Golden Spatula #3: Annoy Squidward.
  3. Golden Spatula #4: Ambush at the Tree Dome.
  4. Golden Spatula #5: On Top of Shady Shoals.
  5. Golden Spatula #6: Infestation at the Krusty Krab.
  6. Golden Spatula #7: On Top of the Chum Bucket.
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How do you get the socks in SpongeBob SquarePants?

Use the lasso points and Sandy’s glide to get to the ledge of the tall building As soon as you enter the Rooftops section, turn around and find the bus stop at the back. Change to SpongeBob, push the button on the right. Use trampoline and find the sock on the propeller After beating all the robots in the lighthouse, trampolines will appear.

Where can I find all the lost socks in the Bikini Bottom?

This page details all the Lost Socks in the Bikini Bottom hub level of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, as well as how to find and collect them all! The three sections of this hub level have been given unique names in this guide based on the show: the first area is Lower Conch Street, available from the start.

How do you get a beach ball in SpongeBob SquarePants?

You can get to it by going through the door in front of Gary into SpongeBob’s Bedroom, then across and through another door to the attic. On the right-hand side of the room is a Ceiling Button underneath a tall structure. Bubble-Bash into it to drop a large beach ball into the room.

How do you get the sock on top of the castle?

Bounce to the top of the castle, a sock sits atop a pyramid of Tikis As Patrick, go through the castle gate again and climb up before the goo rises. Get to the Freezy Fruit and freeze the goo at its highest point. Walk across and jump up to alcove

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