How To Make Your Own Funny Bikini T-Shirt?

Make Your Own T-Shirt Design 1 Navigate to Placeit’s T-Shirt Design Maker Page 2 Select a Funny T-Shirt Design 3 Start With the Controls on the Right. When you find a design you like, click on it and the T-shirt design maker will open up. 4 Move to the Controls on the Left. 5 Download Your Funny T-Shirt Design.

What fabric are swimsuits made of?

Swimsuits are made in a variety of materials, from spandex to Polyester to blends of polyester and spandex, and nylon. Polyester and Spandex are two common swimsuit materials, and each have their own strengths.

How do you make a T-shirt with two equal strips?

Take your bottom shirt and cut 2 one inch wide strips of the bottom. Cut one of the strips in half once, so you have one long strip (call it strip 5). and Cut the other in half twice, so you have two equals strips (strips 6,7).

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