How To Pick The Best Color Suit For Your Bikini Competition?

Skin & Eye Color Typically, hair and eye color will be the strongest determining factors for bikini color but don’t forget that, on the day, your skin tone will be many shades darker than normal. This provides a little more flexibility in choosing the right suit color.
However, a brightly colored bikini for a female competitor divides the body into three sections, which can be a disadvantage if your proportions are not perfect; for example, if you have a long torso with short legs. I recommend choosing dark colors for a posing suit or bikini such as burgundy, dark blue, dark violet, dark brown, or black.

How do you pick a bikini competition color?

Choosing your Suit

  1. Consider your skin color on stage before choosing your fabric color.
  2. Choose Crystals to stand out on stage.
  3. Take your physique into consideration when choosing connectors.
  4. Do not take the back cut decision lightly.
  5. The most important tip is to get the suit that YOU want to get.

What should I wear to a bikini competition?

You will want to use loose fitting clothes which won’t affect your tan. Typically this will be sweat pants, t-shirt, hoody, competition robe or even pyjamas. Remember that it can be cooler or warmer than you expect be prepared. Make sure your tan is 100% dry before putting clothes on.

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What is the color for competition?

Look no further than competitive sports. A study of almost 60 years of results has shown that football players and football teams that wear red shirts win more matches. It was discovered that the color red subconsciously boosts the player’s confidence and affects their opponents as well.

What is a bikini connector?

Many of these competition bikini connectors (also know as rhinestone connectors or bikini hardware) are custom made for Suits You Swimwear and are not available anywhere else (often, Lucy designs them and then other companies copy them, we’re used to it).

What do you wear to backstage at bikini competition?

Bikini Competition Backstage Bag Essentials

  • Tan: Check. Robe: Check.
  • Competition Suit. The right suit can make all the difference.
  • Competition Shoes.
  • Your Competition Number and Competitor Tag.
  • Competition Jewelry.
  • Bikini Bite, Posing Oil, & Latex gloves.
  • Makeup.
  • Eyelash glue.

How do bodybuilders prepare for bikini competitions?

Find out in this article how to prepare for a bikini competition.

  1. Increase Your Metabolism Off Season. The best advice I have ever received was to build up my metabolism in the off season.
  2. Avoid Dramatic Cuts in Diet.
  3. Keep Track.
  4. Meal Preparation.
  5. Your Training.
  6. Get Enough Rest.
  7. Avoid Binges.
  8. Try a Coach.

What should I pack for show day?

Night before show

  • Dark loose fitting long sleeve shirt- save the silk robe for show day back stage.
  • Dark loose fitting pants.
  • Hair tie/clip.
  • Dark sheets.
  • Umbrella in case of rain.
  • Flip flops to slide on after your tan.
  • Cups to pee in (if you use these)
  • Oil/cooking spray ( if your tanner isn’t providing it)

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