How To Sew Bikini Bottoms Smaller?

Often the bottoms are too tight or too saggy for the rest of the suit. You can only make a too-tight suit larger if it comes with strings or ties to adjust the size. You can make a suit smaller by adjusting the ties and sewing loose areas along the waistband or leg holes of the bottoms.

How to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big?

With the help of an elastic band, you can learn how to fix swimsuit bottoms that are too big. Allow me to elaborate. Create along the waistband of your swimsuit bottoms a lining for inserting the elastic band. In order to create a snug fit, cut this band shorter by a few inches than your actual waistline.

How do I sew my butt to my swimsuit?

Going upwards on the swimsuit, take six more stitches until you are about an inch and a half away from the top or waistband, making sure you are puling tight but not so tight you break the thread. When you have 4 to 6 ‘scrunches’ (depending on just how bubbly you want your butt to be), double the stitches you’ve already made to reinforce them.

Why do my bikini bottoms look saggy?

The thing about swimwear is that it consists of elastic, which stretches out eventually. Multiple wear and washes do that to swimsuits. So if you’re favorite bikini bottoms have been subjected to this kind of wear and wash. Then it’s time to bid adieu to them. Otherwise, you’re only making your butt look saggy.

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