How To Style A Triangle Bikini?

Step 1 : Rotate the bikini top upside down, the top of the triangle will now be facing the floor. Step 2 : Tie what was once the under bust strap around the neck. Step 3 : Tie what used to be the neck strap around the back. Step 4: Adjust the triangles to offer as much, or as little, coverage as desired.

How do you do a upside down bikini?

To try the look, simply flip your bikini top upside down, crossing the bottom strings around your neck and the top strings around your chest before securing.

How do I turn my swimsuit bottoms into a top Tiktok?

  1. Get two pairs of bikini bottoms. Turn one pair to a 90 degree angle and put one arm through the crotch opening.
  2. Put other arm and head through the waist opening to create a strap.
  3. Pull material down so that it covers modesty.
  4. Repeat with other bikini bottoms on the other side.

How do you wear a bikini on your back?

The back of your bikini can look interesting too! Tie the top string around your neck like you normally would, then bring the bottom string around your back. Tie the bottom string into a single knot, then bring the ends up and tie them to the top string. This will make your bikini look like a T-back tank top.

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