How To Tie Bikini Top Differently?

Step 1 : Rotate the bikini top upside down, the top of the triangle will now be facing the floor. Step 2 : Tie what was once the under bust strap around the neck. Step 3 : Tie what used to be the neck strap around the back. Step 4: Adjust the triangles to offer as much, or as little, coverage as desired.

How do you tie a halter neck bikini?

To do so, pull the neck straps forward until the front of the bikini is ruched into a small circle, then simply secure in a bow with the tie strings hanging to the front. Try the bandeau look with our Lucia top, take the halter neck piece and wrap it around the back, rather than tying at the neck.

How do you wear the Xena bikini top?

Simply layer one strap over the other in a cross shape, and meet at the back of the neck, tying securely as a halter neck. If you’re looking for the perfect top for (no tan line) tanning, but love the look of a halter as you move from beach to bar, the Xena Top can be worn effortlessly as a bandeau bikini top.

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