How To Train For A Bikini Competition Without A Coach?

This is a bikini competition, not your life calling! If you are someone who wants to try and do a bikini competition prep without a coach, it is possible. I did it on my own and so have many other women. You may not have as great of results compared to if you hired an experienced and knowledgeable coach, but it is possible.

Can I do a bikini competition without a coach?

Many newbies think they need a trainer or coach to prep for their first figure or bikini competition… But with the right training program, you can do it by yourself!

How do I train myself for a bikini competition?

Find out in this article how to prepare for a bikini competition.

  1. Increase Your Metabolism Off Season. The best advice I have ever received was to build up my metabolism in the off season.
  2. Avoid Dramatic Cuts in Diet.
  3. Keep Track.
  4. Meal Preparation.
  5. Your Training.
  6. Get Enough Rest.
  7. Avoid Binges.
  8. Try a Coach.
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How long does it take to train for a bikini competition?

Preparing for a competition takes about three to five months, depending on how in shape you are. Taylor says if you’re already in good shape, working out three to five times per week, it should take about 12 weeks.

How do bikini models train?

Most bikini competitors do cardio five to six days per week. You can either do moderate intensity cardio (such as running, cycling or climbing the step machine) for 30 to 60 minutes per session, or high intensity interval training (like sprinting, sled pushing or a ladder sequence) for 20 to 30 minutes per session.

How do bikini competitors lean out?

The most common method in preparing for a completion is that over 12-16 weeks competitors cut their calories down and up their training intensity in order to shred body fat and appear on stage at their leanest, most dehydrated state.

How do you train for a body figure competition?

Keep up with the cardio, five days a week for 45 minutes. On leg day, perform five minutes of high-intensity intervals on a stationary bike between each exercise. Do 60 seconds at 80–90% max heart rate (about an 8–9 on a scale of 1–10), followed by 60 seconds of slower-paced active recovery.

What body fat percentage are bikini competitors?

Bikini competitors have more of an “X” or hourglass shape to their bodies (meaning they have smaller waists with more developed glutes, quads, and shoulders). They are separated into competition groups based on their height, and their body fat percentage usually ranges from 10-14%.

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What do judges look for in bikini competitors?

Judges will be scoring competitors using the following criteria: Balance and Shape. Overall physical appearance including complexion, skin tone, poise and overall presentation.

How much do bikini competitors weigh?


The average American woman is 25-31% body fat according to the American Council on Exercise. Female athletes are typically 14-21% body fat. A bikini competitor is anywhere from 8-13% body fat. As a general rule of thumb for women, in order to show 6 pack abs, the body fat level needs to be <>

What is the diet of a bikini competitor?

Bikini competitors must eat clean, which involves shunning overly processed foods in favor of whole, natural products. Lean proteins, such as skinless chicken breast, egg whites, flank steak, white fish, tofu and lowfat dairy, predominate.

How old are bikini competitors?

Three age groups currently exist, including the master’s bikini-physique division (age ≥ 35 y), junior’s level (age 16–23 y), and the remaining category for contestants between 23 and 34 years of age.

What a bikini competitor eats in a day?

The INSIDER Summary: Bikini competitors and bodybuilders have to diet and exercise in the months leading up to a competition. A competitor reveals what she ate every day ahead of the competition. Her diet consisted mostly of oatmeal, protein shakes, and 3 small meals of meats and veggies.

How much cardio should a bikini competitor do?

Moreover, many experts suggest another two to three days of steady-state cardio for 30-60 minutes, based on the fat-loss targets. Start with a cardio routine in Step 1 for 3-5 days per week. You can add any time or days as you progress to Step 2 if necessary.

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What is hack squat?

What is a Hack Squat? The HS is a Squat variation that is performed on a machine and involves pushing the weight away from you, at an angle, as you stand back up. You must stand on the plate with your body leaning back against the pads. The weight is moved during the concentric phase of the movement.

What is the best Bikini training program for beginners?

Again, bikini training should be centered on glutes. Strong Curves and Strong by Bret are two perfect programs for creating the coveted bikini body for good reason – they hammer the glutes with high volume, high frequency, and high intensity. Most programs have you hitting the glutes 1-2 days per week,

Why workout with a figure competition coach?

Each workout will push you a step closer to achieving those figure competition or bikini competition dreams when I am your competition coach! Let’s face it, to really change your body, loose body fat and gain muscle for your show, nutrition is critical.

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