What Brand Of Bikini Has An X On It?

The clean and classic silhouettes are extremely wearable and can also be paired with tops or bottoms already in your rotation. There’s so much to love about this vibrant swimwear brand.

BoutineLA – Everyday Cheeky Swimsuit | Bottoms | Tops | Underwear | Sale – Boutine LA.

Which brand is best for bikini?

In preparation for sunny days at the beach and pool deck lounging, read on to discover the best swimsuit brands to bookmark and shop throughout the season.

  • Melissa Odabash.
  • Haight.
  • Peony.
  • Frankies Bikinis.
  • Fisch.
  • PatBO.
  • Evarae.
  • Maiyo.

Who is the owner of BoutineLA?

Ryan Nwankwo – Chief Executive Officer – Boutine Los Angeles (Swimwear Brand) | LinkedIn.

What is a bikini trikini?

A trikini is a three-piece garment used as a beachwear. A bikini worn over a one-piece suit is also sometimes called a trikini. Another variation is called strapless bikini or a no string bikini, often a combination of two pasties with a matching maebari-style bottom.

Where is vilebrequin?

Our fabric is of French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese origin. All of our fabrics are printed in France and Italy. Our products are then assembled in various locations across Europe, Morocco or Tunisia. Our embroidered series are produced in France and Italy.

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Why is vilebrequin?

Overview of Vilebrequin

His passion for automobiles inspired the name Vilebrequin, a French word that translates to ‘crankshaft.” Prysquel’s first swimsuit design was based on what surfers were wearing for swim trunks at the time.

What brand produces swimwear?

List of swimwear brands

Brand Year of establishment Country of origin
Tyr Sport, Inc. 1985 United States
Une Piece 2016 Australia
Venus Swimwear 1984 United States
Victoria’s Secret 1977 United States

Are Walmart swimsuits good quality?

As you hunt for the perfect Summer swimsuit, there’s one retailer that might not immediately come to mind but is totally worth the browse: Walmart. Surprisingly, the mega store carries an array of affordable swimwear that is sexy, flattering, and everything you could ever dream of.

Is Triangl a good brand?

The colors are beautiful and vibrant and the suit is very high-quality. Even though this bikini brand runs on the smaller side, I would recommend this swimsuit if it’s something they have in your size. The XL top is able to accomodate my chest, but, if you have a larger chest size, this one might not work for you.

How do I contact Boutine LA?


  1. For General Inquiries email: [email protected]
  2. For Advertising/Partnership Inquiries email: [email protected]
  3. For Investor Relations email: [email protected]

Does Boutinela run small?

It does run small though, I ordered a large and it fit just right even though I’m normally a small or medium in swimsuit bottoms. Thanks boutineLA!

How do you become a Boutinela model?

To enter, visit www.boutinela.com/pages/babesearch and fill out the entry form. No mechanically reproduced or completed entries will be accepted. By entering, entrants represent and warrant (i) that they own the accounts submitted, and (ii) it does not violate the rights of any third parties.

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What does a monokini look like?

Monokini looks like one piece from the from and like bikini from the back. It has side cuts so that adds nice curves and shape to your silhouette. The shape of black monokini depends highly on the designers creativity and current beach fashion trends.

Where is monokini?

Monokinis Today

The years ahead have seen many transformations of this one-piece bathing suit that extended from the shoulders or the bust up to the bottom of the buttocks.

What is a brief bikini called?

There are a number of modern stylistic variations of the design used for marketing purposes and as industry classifications, including monokini, microkini, tankini, trikini, pubikini, skirtini, thong, and g-string. A man’s single piece brief swimsuit may also be called a bikini.

What is a “slash” string bikini?

Introducing the “Slash” string bikini: a risque string design which effectively leaves nothing to the imagination. The daring bikini set is designed by Australian fashion house Karen Hurley and is described on the website as a style “not for the faint hearted”.

How many colours does a bikini come in?

So much so that the brand has brought out the bikini in five different colours — including an eye-catching neon green and demure black. In other words, this bonkers design has given all new meaning to the term “string bikini”.

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