What Kind Of Bikini Should I Wear Quiz?

Your task is to preserve the beautiful proportions of the body. For example, choose a beautiful bikini with a bottom with wide straps and a balconette or halter top. What Does Your Face Shape Say about You?

What to look for when shopping for swimwear?

Shopping for new swimwear can be tricky, and with thousands of bikinis and swimsuits on offer, it’s hard to know where to start. Aside from body type and budget, there are key trends to consider; we all want to look stylish and show off our best assets.

What colour Bikini should I wear for my Tan?

You’re most likely a dedicated sun worshipper, so the most important thing about your bikini is that it shows off your bronzed glow and minimises the potential for tan lines. A strapless white bikini like

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