Where Are All The Steering Wheels In Downtown Bikini Bottom?

You need to look in all of the areas of Downtown Bikini Bottom to get the steering wheels and The rooftops is on the yellow building right next to Gary. Look all over downtown.

Where are the boat wheels in Downtown Bikini Bottom?

All Steering Wheels in Downtown Bikini Bottom

Area Location Description
Downtown Bikini Bottom Next to Mrs. Puff
Downtown Bikini Bottom On the awning near Mrs. Puff
Downtown Bikini Bottom On the toppled building with the cannon
Downtown Bikini Bottom On the upended boat opposite the Sea Needle entrance

Where is the last steering wheel SpongeBob?

This Boat Wheel, the final one in the level, is also in the Sea Needle. You’ll have to go to the East Window, then turn and go into the hallway towards the central room: the Boat Wheel will be at the end of it.

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How many steering wheels are in the sea needle?

That’s everything you can do right now in the Sea Needle, so exit back to the Downtown Streets and return all the way back to the start of the level and talk to Mrs. Puff. Since you found all 11 Steering Wheels, she’ll give you Golden Spatula #1!

How do you get a Mrs Puff steering wheel?

First, look to the right of Mrs. Puff to spot a trio of Tikis, above which is Boat Wheel #1. To the left of it will be an awning with Boat Wheel #2 on it: use the Bubble Bash to get high enough to grab it! Return to Mrs.

How do you open the south door in the sea needle?

Go to the Sea Needle and change to Sandy. Go through the east/west door, and lasso glide to some fan propellers caught in the right side of the structure. The object has collision, so you can stand on it. Use that to lasso glide over to the south door, and open it.

How do you get the ability bubble on a cruise?

The Cruise Bubble ability is obtained after defeating the Robot Patrick boss. After the fight, you’ll see Bubble Buddy standing by the road. Speak to him and he’ll teach you how to use it. To use the ability, press L2/LT/LZ.

How do you get 5 golden spatulas?

Bikini Bottom Golden Spatulas

  1. Golden Spatula #2: On Top of the Pineapple.
  2. Golden Spatula #3: Annoy Squidward.
  3. Golden Spatula #4: Ambush at the Tree Dome.
  4. Golden Spatula #5: On Top of Shady Shoals.
  5. Golden Spatula #6: Infestation at the Krusty Krab.
  6. Golden Spatula #7: On Top of the Chum Bucket.
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How do you do the bubble in SpongeBob?

You simply press the button he shows you (LT/L2) and you’ll take control of a Bubble Rocket. Aim the Bubble Rocket towards your goals and it will burst into a soapy explosion. There aren’t any more moves for Spongebob to unlock after that, so once you’ve got your hands on the Cruise Bubble you’re all powered up!

What fish is known as Sea needle?

The garfish (Belone belone), also known as the garpike or sea needle, is a pelagic, oceanodromous needlefish found in brackish and marine waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Black, and Baltic Seas.

Where is the lighthouse in Spongebob?

This page details how to get through the Lighthouse, the third area of the Downtown Bikini Bottom level in Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated.

How do you beat G Love?

The best way to defeat a G-Love is with Sandy’s lasso. They can also be defeated using SpongeBob or Patrick’s ground attacks from above. They are found in Downtown Bikini Bottom, Goo Lagoon, the Mermalair, the Kelp Forest, and SpongeBob’s Dream. Destroying a G-Love earns the player 40 Shiny Objects.

Where can I find all the boat wheels in Downtown Bikini Bottom?

This page details every Boat Wheel in the Downtown Bikini Bottom level of SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated, as well as how to find and collect them all. The first Boat Wheel is located right at the start of the level: it’ll be across the intersection where you meet Mrs. Puff, above three Wooden Tikis.

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Where can I find the boat wheel?

This Boat Wheel is found at the end of Sandy’s route in the Downtown Streets Level. Stand on the platform with the Teleport Box and look towards the yellow building you’re supposed to Lasso Glide to with the exit to the Downtown Rooftops.

Where is the 8th Boat wheel in Fortnite?

The eighth Boat Wheel is found in the section with the four bamboo platforms moving left and right. The Boat Wheel can be accessed by jumping onto the second platform and riding it to the right. This Boat Wheel is located at the bottom of the Lighthouse.

How do you get the boat wheel on SpongeBob SquarePants?

Stand at the SpongeBall and head forward to the intersection, then take a right. Here you should find a boat stuck in the ground by its bow, with the Boat Wheel on top. Stand on the windshield and use a Bubble Bounce to get close enough to grab it!

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