Who Was The Woman In The Bikini In The Intro To Miami Vice Show?

One of them is a tall blonde who, when she is zoomed in on, turns out to be one of the bikini babes in the opening credits! At the end of the ep, during the closing credits, there is actually a credit which reads thusly: Nancy Jo Mseis – Beach Blonde

What is the Miami Vice theme song?

The Miami Vice logo in the opening sequence. The Opening Sequence of Miami Vice, with Jan Hammer’s ‘Miami Vice Theme’ and its stylized shots of the Miami area, remains one of the most memorable television opening sequences in history.

What shots from Miami Vice are still in the movie?

The flock of pink flamingos is one of the shots that remained unchanged throughout Miami Vice’s run. Rolling luxury car fronts with Philip Michael Thomas’ credit Panning beach scene with Saundra Santiago’s credit (replacing people laying by pool with Saundra Santiago’s credit)

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